Everything you need to know about the Balinese style in decoration

Everything you need to know about the Balinese style in decoration

What will you find in a Balinese furniture store?

Do you want to know a different furniture store? Natural touches, tropical style, materials that invite calm and disconnection… Discover Balinese-style decoration and furniture in our furniture store in Teulada.

Balinese furniture and decoration

Balinese decoration and furniture have a very particular and different style. The most used materials are bamboo, wicker or raffia. All of them are resistant and stand out for their great contribution of naturalness to the environment. In fabrics and fabrics, all those that are vaporous and light predominate, that convey a sensation of lightness and movement. As for the colors that are usually used, neutrals stand out, such as coffee, beige, or cream, mixed with others that provide a little more vitality, such as yellows, ocher, or soft greens.

The pieces to furnish do not usually stand out for their robustness, rather the contrary, they are usually light and do not recharge the environment. It is common to find artisan furniture that, in addition to being beautiful, stands out for its great value. As we indicated, the materials that are usually used for furniture are always light and very resistant woods, of tropical origin, such as teak, bamboo or wicker. Find them in our Balinese decoration store with unbeatable quality.

Furnish and decorate rooms in Balinese style

The Balinese style is totally suitable for interior and exterior decoration. Indoors, in rooms such as living rooms and dining rooms, choose handmade furniture that is not too robust. Opt for flowing curtains in white or cream tones to cover the windows, which when opened give a sensation of movement to the room. Decorate the walls with tropical-themed paintings, in the same range of colors as the furniture, or tribal wooden masks. Remember the importance of plant elements; Tropical-style plants with large leaves, such as monstera, will give your home an extra naturalness and freshness. Also vases and other decoration elements with exotic designs will be a success.

If what we want is to decorate a bedroom, we will hit the spot with futon-style beds, which give the sensation of resting almost on the ground, without large headboards or heavy structures. To dress a Balinese bed, it is best to use batir patterns, light sheets and lots of cushions. Another ally of tropical decoration for bedrooms are mosquito nets or curtains that hang over the bed. Also floor cushions or puffs made of natural materials, such as rattan or wicker, will be a great decorative and functional idea in a room. Finally, remember to place different points of light that give a warm atmosphere at night. Combining low light points with pendant lamps in neutral tones is a very good option.

By nature, Balinese decoration is outdoors, so if we have a garden or terrace where we can let our imagination run wild, we will have a 100% Balinese home. Outdoor sofas with soft cushions in neutral colors. Low tables in rattan or another type of light wood. Plants that flood all that outdoor space, with large planters made of natural fabric. And finally, details that add a plus, such as fountains or other elements with running water that evoke the tropical paradise that we want to take home.

Balinese furniture to turn your home into an oasis of calm

The Balinese decor and furnishings are on-trend. It’s time to turn your home into an oasis of calm and relaxation, transporting you to a natural paradise after stressful days at work. For this reason, a furniture store specializing in this type of decoration so close to you is what you need. We will advise you and recommend the best for your home. Discover us!

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