Discover your Balinese furniture and decoration store in Teulada

Discover your Balinese furniture and decoration store in Teulada

One of the decorative styles that we most associate with luxury, exclusivity and relaxation is Balinese. Widely used in spaces such as hotels and villas, it is time to start incorporating it into the homes of ordinary mortals. Don’t know how? Here we tell you.

This is the Balinese style If we had to summarize the style in a few words, these would be: wood, craftsmanship, textiles and ethnic. All these features come together in a harmonious and attractive way.

Open concept

Diaphanous spaces characterize the Balinese style. For this open concept idea to look as it deserves, it is essential to maintain order and cleanliness in the rooms. You can use decorative baskets and boxes made of wicker (or other natural material) to “hide” anything that doesn’t contribute to the home decoration.


Bali is an area full of vegetation in multiple shades of green. To achieve the Balinese style, you will not only have to include lush tropical plants in your home. You can also use decorative objects made of natural materials such as wood, stone or clay. Vegetable fibers are another key essential. You can include them through rattan or wicker rugs and tapestries in neutral and earthy tones.

Another way to incorporate nature into Balinese interiors is to use bamboo and cane in furniture, frames, plants, vases… A very aesthetic idea is to create a wall of bamboo posts. You will achieve a sense of dynamism in the room, as well as texture and personality.

Let there be light

Outdoor air is one of the great references of the Balinese style. Therefore, in your home, good natural lighting that refers to those typical wide outdoor spaces on the island cannot be lacking. Placing mirrors in strategic places and using white tones on surfaces will help increase the feeling of brightness. If you need an extra light, you can always include candles, lamps with wooden bases, etc.

Modern furniture

The typically Balinese decorative features mix with modern style furniture. Straight and clean lines predominate, without excess or overcharged details. The idea is to balance the Balinese essence with the beauty of simplicity.

Controlled touches of color Raw, white and brown tones predominate in the Balinese style. Colors like orange, yellow or red appear punctually in ethnic textiles or in vegetation and never in a strident way. Large surfaces, such as walls or floors, always use beige, cream or coffee, to avoid altering the visual perception. Above all, an elegant and relaxed atmosphere is sought that invites tranquility.

More Wood

If there is one material that cannot be missing in style, it’s wood. Bet on dark and sturdy woods, such as teak, as they are perfect for furniture that will be in constant use. In addition, its color becomes more beautiful over time.

Other elements that use wood as a base are sculptural carvings. They represent characters and masks with carved flowers and symbols, animals or more abstract shapes. Authentic Balinese sculptures carry an implicit spiritual consideration, as they have a specific meaning for the population. An ideal way to combine art with religion.

Textile patterns

Sheets, cushions, curtains, sofa covers and tablecloths are filled with patterns like batik or suaztika. They include repeated geometric and floral motifs, perfect for a peaceful decoration that does not want to lose a hint of style.

The aim is to combine the freshness of the tropical with the serenity of Asia. If you are looking for this type of decoration, don’t miss our selection of objects.

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