The furniture store that has the Balinese furniture you are looking for

The furniture store that has the Balinese furniture you are looking for

Decoration trends with Balinese furniture

The furniture store you choose has to be up to date with the latest trends in decoration. Balinese furniture is part of them and is in a privileged place. Is it because they are handmade furniture, because of their exotic charm or because they admit a variety of textures, materials and colours? If you are looking for a decoration store that offers Balinese furniture, keep reading. Here you will have the key to choose the items that best suit your taste, space and preferences.

A furniture store made to give your home an exotic charm

Balinese furniture commands the attention of the interior design market for several reasons. Its combination of textures and styles is as versatile as it is aesthetic. For this reason, you will surely find a way to adapt these artisan furniture to your particular taste. Would you like to know more reasons to look for furniture in Teulada with Balinese style? Discover them below:

  • If you like finishes with natural fibers and wood, the Bali style is for you. In almost all its belongings the consonance with nature is appreciated. You’ll have a little piece of rainforest if you add plants and pots on a terrace.
  • Despite having a jungle air, this type of design can be perfectly combined with modern finishes. Smooth or white spaces with metallic or black details admit woody contrasts that stand out and fade at the same time.
  • Do you prefer the exotic and enigmatic charm before the pragmatism of the modern? Balinese furniture is what they are looking for. Thanks to their style ornate in details and attention to the millimeter, it is a real pleasure to contemplate them. Balinese lamps, mirror frames and even a wooden table invoke a homely and welcoming spirit. You can include it in the living room or in the hall.
Why is Balinese furniture so famous?

This is the question that intrigues designers and interior designers. Why is this style so striking in a decoration store? Where do they come from? What defines them? There are no simple answers, nor does its charm respond to a single cause. However, here are some of the most important reasons:

  • High quality: the handcrafted furniture from the island of Bali is made with the utmost care. The perfection in the details and solid structures characterize this furniture. In addition, there is no shortage of decorative details with a high aesthetic value to add.
  • Materials: the most used in Bali furniture is, without a doubt, wood. Professionals manage to carve it in unlikely ways in patterns that exude beauty. There is also an abundance of fabric, rattan and woven fabrics. For this reason, they go perfectly with green, cream and gray tones.
  • Adaptable to any space: it does not matter if it is for the terrace, the bedroom or the living room, because you will find furniture in Teulada with a Balinese style. Side tables, lamps, and chairs that follow this design trend are useful and beautiful in any setting. If you get imaginative, they even combine with unlikely textures, like brick. In the bathroom, the rows of bamboo wooden slats are the most in of the season.
  • Value for money: In the long run, Balinese utensils prove to stand the test of time. They will continue to add color and cheer to your home, as well as a quaint touch, for years to come. Especially if you spend some time on minimal maintenance.

Are you thinking of visiting a furniture store to get the first Balinese piece of furniture that you like? !! Congratulations!! It is a growing trend in houses and terraces. Any space in the home can benefit from a touch of wood, rattan, rope or fabrics. Together, they will create an atmosphere where it is a pleasure to spend time.

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